As members of the Masonic we send and recieve communication from various people and not everyone is a computer expert  so here is some simple tips for novice and expert.

Computer safty

  1. Everyone should have a good antivirus and firewall installed and upto date
  2. Computer slow there is a reason Virus / Spyware / unwanted software
  3. system crashes after a period


To solve these problems do the following periodically

  1. Delete temp files  run :- Cleanup ( seach in windows search box )
  2. uninstall software that you dont need or did not install
  3. install anti-Spyware software :-
    1.  Spybot search and Destroy free edition ( install update and scan do an imunisation )
    2.  Malwarebytes free edition  (install and updaute then scan)
  4. check  task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) look for wierd names (random charactors) with no descriptions  these are usually suspicious and check the name online or look at properties for file to see where it is stored if in a temp directory  then select it and end task


If you have a antivirus installed and it has a websafty part use it  make sure you know the sites you use never just accept it is ok as many sites can contain spyware and install it without your permission  if using any online payment or banking then make sure the address starts https:// and not just http://


Everyone gets junk Email but being curious just once could cost you and cause you lots of problems as well as others. Just because you use linux or your phone dont think its safe as more and more viruses and spyware is being written to take advantage of whatever you use

If you get a message from a contact that says “i think you might like this and a link” Dont Click it  unless you are ready for the consquences. Inform the person that sent the email that they may have a virus or spyware  dont just ignore it as it will go round more and more people till it is stopped and you might be one of the people who end up  sending it on to others. Lookout for peoples email as well  don’t just look at the joebloggs part look at the rest as well not do this every time as they collect names and email you from a different server

if you use an Email client ( outlook etc.) then make sure your antivirus is checking incoming emails and you may wish to install a spam blocker