Freemasonry is an ancient and Honourable society. There are about 4 million Freemasons  worldwide, it is a Ancient society derived from operative masons who knew various signs, grips and words to prove their level of skill, we retain this in the ritual we perform on a candidate teaching him Moral lessons and the signs and secrets of the degree.  Membership is open to every respectable man who believes in his personal Supreme Being known in Masonic terms as The Great Architect of The Universe, Grand Geometrician of the Universe or Most High. These descriptive names show the importance the Freemason places on his Supreme Being

The practice by the Freemason of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and the other principles of the Craft will go a long way to making a good man better.

If you are interested in Joining the Ancient Free and Accepted Freemasons and Become a member of our Worldwide Organization.  We are not a religious organization and take members from all faiths the only requirement is you believe in a Supreme Being. If you wish to know more about joining us please, use the form below and someone will contact you




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