Host Lodge for 2023-2024


The Western District Lodges Association was formed in 1956 by the founding Lodges:
Lodge Thistle & Rose No. 73 (meet on 2nd Monday)
Partick St. Mary’s Lodge No. 117  (meet on 1st & 3rd Wednesday)
Lodge St John Whiteinch No. 683  (meet on 2nd & 4th Friday)
Lodge Kelvin Partick No. 1207. (meet on 1st & 3rd Tuesday)
Lodge Western No. 1346  ( meet 1st & 3rd Friday)
Lodge Knightswood No. 1445  (meet on 1st & 3 rd  Friday)
and later joined by Lodge Tower No. 1523 (meet on 2nd & 4th Friday) to make it 7 Lodges.

Each Lodge visits the other Lodges at Installations, Provincial Grand Lodge visitations and invites three Lodges within the WDLA to confer a degree per year and visit each other on special occasions. We also have sports competitions: golf, bowls, pool, darts, dominoes, etc.
Please check our Calendar for upcoming  meetings