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Firstly if you have not done so please update in your user profile   This will help with the members page and allow us to list the Office Bearers & Members

This page is to inform you of the changes visible on the website now you have registered and logged in. The  information available is secure and is not visible on the site UNLESS you are logged in

New Menu items

there are 4 new pages available on the right

  • This Page
Members page
  • email address
  •  phone Number
  • Address
Add Calendar Event
  • Add Event to the Calendar ( only Authorised users)
Computer Safety
  • People always have problems  online and good  Computer Safety  is essential this helps everyone regardless of operating system you can infect someone else even if it causes you no problems click here for some tips

The reason we require registration for the site is to keep this information as private as possible and make it only available to the members. Below is a List of  the pages that have been changed while you are logged in

comment on posts, Obituaries

    • post comments  on pages that allow comments
    • Post comments on Photographs
    • post you condolences for obituaries (Will be linked to Facebook page Where comments will be copied to and from Facebook )

 Other pages that are available to logged in users are:-

  •  Photo upload (from Photo page  not active yet)

This is some of the most recent changes on the site


photo Albums   Installation Pictures

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